Age Criteria
Age for any Govt Job is worked out as follows: -
a). Present Age
b). Minus length of service
c). Plus three years bonus
Example – Supposing present age of an Ex-serviceman is 47 years and he has rendered 20 years service in the Army. He is to apply for the job of PAP constable where age is laid down as 18 to 25 years, his age & eligibility will be worked out as follows: -
a). Present Age – 47 years
b). Length of service (Minus) – 20 years
c). Residual Age – 27 years
d). Bonus of three years (Minus) – 03 years
e). Resultant Age – 24 years
As such he is eligible to apply for the post of a constable in PAP.
  Qualification Criteria
The following Army qualifications are equated with civil qualifications indicated against these: -
a). Army III Class Certificate of Education - 4th Pass
b). Army II Class Certificate of Education - 6th Pass
c). Army I Class Certificate of Education - 8th Pass
d). Army Special Class Certificate of Education - 10th Pass
It is added that any person who is Matriculate & has rendered 15 years or more service in the Army is considered a graduate.
There are certain special service trades/qualifications achieved by the Defence Forces Personnel (Army, Navy & Air Force) which have been recorded in their Discharge Books/Certificates issued to them by the respective Forces which are equaled with the civil trades/qualifications are incorporated in the ‘Directory of Education of Trades with Civil Trades and Guide to Registration of Defence Service Applications for Employment’ issued by DGET Ministry of Labour Govt. of India. This can be quoted as authority while applying for such jobs viz Elementary School Teachers, PTIs in Schools & so on. It is exemplified as follows: -‘No 168644H Ex-POR (SPL) Jaswinder Singh S/O Shri Gurmej Singh has served in the Indian Navy wef 11 Sep 1987 & retired from service on 30 Sep 2002 with Pensionary Benefits’

As per ‘Directory of Equation of Trades with Civil Trades and Guide to Registration of Defence Service applicants for Employment’, issued by Directorate General & Training, Ministry of Labour, Govt of India, his NCO Code No 153.10 is equator to Primary School Teacher’.