• The Ex-servicemen after spending 15-20 years in the Army are out of touch with civil environment and not accustomed to the conditions prevailing in the civil society. With personal experience, it is felt that the Ex-servicemen and widows normally face following types of problems in their retired life while they inhabit villages/towns in Punjab:-
    1. Revenue matters
    2. Land Encroachment
    3. Police cases
    4. Strained married life, mostly between daughter & in laws & inter personal relations
    5. Money lending
    6. Husband – wife strained relations
    7. Matters related to divorce
    8. And other social problems of trivial nature
    9. Back home, parents & wives of serving soldiers facing such problems.
    10. Vacation of Houses/Properties rented out by Ex-servicemen
  • Though, village panchayats are suppose to take care of their problems but in most of the cases Ex-servicemen do not get full justice and requisite social support from the village set up. Thus, compelling them to take up their cases with Police Authorities, District Heads of different Departments and judiciary. Though, some problems are genuine and Ex-servicemen do require serious support from the Sainik Welfare Organization.


  • Directorate Sainik Welfare pointed out that many complaints are not timely attended to and these remain pending for long time. He directed that the following procedure will be adopted as and when complaint is received by the District Sainik Welfare Officer:-
    1. Complaint will be recorded in computer.
    2. District Sainik Welfare Officer will direct the welfare worker in writing Welfare Worker as to what all actions are to be taken by him. Welfare Worker will make efforts to attend to the complaint at his own level. In case, it is not sorted out, he will give a written report within 15 days to his District Sainik Welfare Officer for further action.
    3. District Sainik Welfare Officer will make the liaison & correspondence with the Head of the concerned Department at District Level. In case there is no action within 15 days, District Sainik Welfare Officer will send agenda point to the concerned head at District level for holding a meeting to discuss the complaint and find a solution.
    4. In case the concerned head at District level even after personal meeting does not take necessary action, the complaint will be referred to the Deputy Commissioner with a request to issue instructions to the concerned head at District level.
    5. Even then, in case the complaint is not sorted out, it will be included in Quarterly Meeting of the Zila Sainik Board for discussion and decision/directions by the DC/President Zila Sainik Board.
    6. If the problem still is not sorted out, the complaint will be forwarded as Agenda Point for inclusion in the Dist Grievances Committee headed by the Minister concerned.
    7. In case the complaint is not attended to within three months, District Sainik Welfare Officer will forward the complaint with full details and action taken on it under a DO letter to Director Sainik Welfare, Punjab. Thereafter Director Sainik Welfare Punjab will take up the case at his level with the concerned Principal Secretary/Secretary.