Ex-Gratia Grant:-

  • Death or above 75 to 100% disability
- Rs. 2.00 lac
  • Disability above 50% to 75%
- Rs. 1.00 lac
  • Disability 25% to 50%
- Rs. 50,000/-
  Eligibility Conditions:-
   Next of Kin and parents of Defence & Para Military Forces Personnel who die or are disabled during the performance of their bonafide official duties on or after 1.1.1999.
Wife - Rs. 1 lac
Parents - Rs.50,000 (each to father & mother.)   (Rs. 2 lacs additional amount, if funds   available)
In case un-married - Rs. 2 lac (Rs.1 lac each to father &   mother)
  Additional Relief:-
  • To parents of Martyr Soldiers who were married
- Rs. 2.00 lac
  Documents Required:-
  • Application in triplicate (original) on prescribed Performa. (attached as per Annexure I)
  • Affidavit (original) (as per annexure II)
  • Punjab residence certificate. (Performa available with Tehsildar/SDM)
  • Attested copy of Battle Causality/Battle Accident
  • Original/Attested copy of Death Certificate in case parents are not alive
  • Birth Certificate/School Admission Certificate/Army Part II Order of Birth
  • Permanent Home Address in the form of Battle Casualty/Battle Accident Report/Certificate issued by        Military /Para Military Authority.
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