Type of Benefit

  • Rs.1200/- P.A upto 30.09.2004
  • Rs.5000/- P.A. w.e.f 01.10.2004


  • Father or where the father is dead to the mother:-
    • Whose only son or child.
    • Whose only two sons or two children.
    • Whose three sons or more children is/are serving or has/have served in the Armed Forces of Indian Union during the Emergency declared by the President of India on 26th October, 1962 or 3rd December, 1971.

How To Apply

  • Application Form (on simple paper)
  • Military Certificate in the prescribed form bearing Seal/Stamp from the CO of the concerned Unit.


  • Punjab Govt. Department of Legal and Legislative affairs Punjab Gazette Notification No. 15-Leg/2006 dated:08 May 2006